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Get an instant quote to extend or replace your current HVAC system.
Get an instant quote to extend or replace your current HVAC system.
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STEP 1 Qualify

  1. 650+ Credit Score
  2. Homeowner
  3. Internet Access

STEP 2 Quick Call

On a 10-minute call, we’ll confirm your information and schedule your site visit to configure your system.

STEP 3 Installation

We install the new system and welcome you to the Club! Plus we monitor your performance data and come back 48-hours later to adjust settings and optimize comfort in your home.

Total Cost Comparison

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Happy Customers

" AC Club is a no brainer. There's no way this doesn't become the primary method for most people replacing and dealing with your heating and cooling in the future. You literally just pay your membership and they take care of the rest. No more worrying about breakdowns, repairs, or maintenance, and I started seeing nice energy savings day 1. " - Stephanie from Houston, TX

" From my research and initial experience it's the value and customer service that sets AC Club apart. The service received for the money is well worth it, and the install team was professional and very courteous. " - Benjamin from Cypress, TX

" AC Club is the perfect alternative to paying the high prices that the AC companies charge. Combined with the piece of mind from the included maintenance and upkeep, this takes all of the worry out of AC ownership. " - Richard from Magnolia, TX

" I just had my new AC and furnace installed last week. Absolutely AWESOME customer service. I have zero complaints and my life is instantly better because of this company. " - Susan from Katy, TX

" I had a 2-ton 16 SEER installed at my mom’s last week and an upgraded 4-ton 20 SEER installed at my own house this week. These guys are TOP NOTCH. " - Jed from Santa Fe, TX

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Does everyone qualify for AC Club?
AC Club members must own their home, have internet access (for our system performance monitoring), and have a 650 credit score.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
We make things easy by providing an ownership conversion option to cancel membership and own the system. As you’d expect, the cost for this option decreases over time.
What if I sell my home?
The new qualified owner can take over your membership and be grandfathered into your rate, or you can exercise the ownership conversion option at closing with the funds from your sale.
What if my home has multiple systems?
You can join AC Club for a single system while the other unit is still functioning, or you can replace all your systems with AC Club and receive a $5 discount per month per additional system. Your choice!
Is membership always just $79 per month?
$79 per month includes a 3-ton 16 SEER Goodman system. 4-tons are $89/mo and 5-tons are $99/mo. Some members need extensive ductwork or want to add whole-home air sanitizers and provide upfront or monthly payment options.
What happens if the system breaks down?
Our 24/7 remote monitoring will catch most issues before they lead to system breakdowns, but if you do experience a breakdown, we guarantee to be out there within 24 hours or else your month’s membership is credited back to you.
What about 10 or 15 years from now when it’s time for another replacement?
With our proactive monitoring and first class maintenance, the units we install should deliver high performance for at least 15 years. When the system finally needs to be replaced, you just sign a new agreement and we put in a new system. Plus, we reward our loyal members by capping the new agreement price increase at 25%.
So do I own the HVAC system?
AC Club owns the system while you’re a member, but we provide easy options to convert to ownership if you sell your home or need to cancel membership for another reason.
How is this different than a Home Warranty?
It’s completely different, almost the opposite! Warranty companies haggle with you to pay for repairs. AC Club catches issues through monitoring and wants to always have your system running great. Plus AC Club installs a new system day 1! How many warranty companies do that?


Common Questions

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